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Qeshm Island is the  largest  Iranian island in the Persian  Gulf  region  and it's located in the  strait of hormoz between the north axes 27" ,10 and 26ºand the meridian axes 55",22 and 56",40 in the azure waters  of Persian Gulf . Qeshm  island occupies  an  area  of about 1500 square kilometers ( 140 kilometers  long and 11 kilometers wide on average) and is bigger  than 22 countries  of the world(the area of Qeshm  is 2.5 times  than of Singapore  and  Bahrain).This  dolphin shaped  island is narrower and shallower in the northern part while the southern part is relatively  wider  and deeper.



 It  enjoys  an exceptional  location  between the Persian Gulf and the Indian ocean such that vessels bound  for all riverian states (Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , Saudi  Arabia , Bahrain , Qatar ,United Arab Emirates and Oman) . By all definitions , Qeshm is the  gateway to the Persian Gulf .


 Qeshm with the  old name of Orgena  or Oaraoto   has always been  a center of trade between western Asia, the Indian subcontinent , the Arabian  peninsula and  the  east  coast  Asia . From the Ilam period up to the present time , the island was involved in many ups and downs and the liberation of the island by Imamgholi khan (during the Safavi period)is one of the important highlights in its bright history . In 1991 the island was transformed into a “Trade and Industrial Free Area”by the government of the Islamic republic of Iran which marked the rebirth of the island .References  to  the Qeshm island  can be traced back  to the
ACHAEMENID  era  some 500 years BC .more recently travelers such as MARCO POLO in the 13th century   have also mentioned Qeshm in their writing . Qeshm has a long history and many times has been invaded by different countries such as Mongolians , Portuguese , Dutch ,Omani and English and all have contributed some of their traditions and histories to the island.


Due to its location among  warm waters of  Persian Gulf ,the climate in Qeshm  is warm  and  average temperature  is 26 degrees  centigrade with the warmest months being from June to August and the coldest from October to January .the island  is affected  by  Siberian , Mediterranean , Atlantic , as well as Indian  ocean  currents and other currents  coming from Saudi Arabia and Sahara . Therefore it has a long warm and  humid season  and a short  temperate one. In the southern coast of Iran Qeshm island with  its natural attractions , live corals(coral island),sandy beaches , Hara sea forest(mangroves), Tala wells , Banyan tree and many other interesting sites has created unique complex for tourism  and  Eco-tourism  which is incomparable in Persian Gulf.



Research Group:

Alireza Dehghan(MS.) lecturer: Information Technology
Farhad Khormayee ( Phd.)  Assistant Prof: Psychology
Shahriar Khaledi (Phd.) Associate Prof: Geography 

Masoud Tabatabayee (Bachelor Student)
Elnaz Ghanimat (Bachelor Student)
Sara Abbaspoor  (Bachelor Student)
Tahereh Ebrahimi nezhad (Bachelor Student)
Elahe Paktinat (Bachelor Student)